In English our comany name means Kehtna Manor private limited company.
Kehtna Mõisa OÜ is located in central Estonia, a small place called Kehtna and it is partly based on the historic grounds of Kehtna manor.
A few words about Kehtna manor before I introduce the company.
Kehtna manor was established in the 15th century by the family von Vietinghoffid. By the time it was nationalized in 1925, it had 550 hectares of land, a beautiful castle with a surrounding park and many impressive buildings around it.
Between the two world wars there was a school for young women in it. During soviet times there was a kolkhoz on the lands of Kehtna manor. In 1970s the Kehtna kolkoz had cultivated land about 6000 hectares.Kehtna kolhoz was liquidated in 1993 during the agricultureal reform.
The privat limited company called Kehtna Mõis was established in 1996 by ten local people who were interested in keeping alive the long history and in developing the agricultural production in Kehtna. At first the comany owned most of the manor buildings, including the manour house (castle).
As of today, we have sold the manor castle and some other manor buildings, since we do not need them in our main production. But we still own most of the land that belonged to historic Kehtna manor, that`s why the company is still called by the name of Kehtna manor.
Kehtna Mõisa OÜ is 100 % based on estonian capital. Today we are cultivating 1700 hectares of land. The company has 48 empolyees. It is regarded as a respectful company and we have been nominated as the best employer and the best agricultural company several times.
In terms of the salary we are one of the top payers in the agricultural sector.
What are we doing and producing?
We have three main acitivities: dairy cattle and milk production,
producing and selling of chicken eggs;
preparation and selling of meat products.
We sell high quality cow milk and today is the size of our cattel 500 cows. We are selling 16 000 liters milk per Day. We are making investments to double the size of it soon.
Our chicken eggs under the brand of „õnnelike õrrekanade munad“ are sold in the best foodstores.
Our meat products: for example: different kind of sauceges, especially smoked sausege. Also we make preprepared stakes and barbecue meat.
We do not aim to compete with big meat and egg producers. We value quality, for that reason we never use MDM in our meat products. Most of the meat comes from our own cattle and we keep making investments to be able to improve the living conditions for chicken.
Our aim is to keep producing quality products, that means combining modern technology and best knowledge to produce quality products. Besides keeping alive long agriculutral history of Kehtna manor, we are innovative comapny and are making preparations to start using biogas in order to supply our energy needs.
Me personaly, as one of the owners and board member of the company, see agricultural business more like a lifestyle not only making profit. I value quality products, based on local materials, environmental friendly production and are made by happy employees.

Juuli 2014

Kehtna Mõisa OÜ  ǀ  Pargi 6, Kehtna, Raplamaa 79001  ǀ  info@kmoy.ee